The Bear Essential

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GBP 35.00

Our QuickMix™ formula dissolves faster in any drink and absorbs better in your body to boost collagen levels for:

🖤 Healthier Joints
🖤 Stronger Bones
🖤 Brighter Skin
🖤 Shinier Hair

Net Weight: 250g (30-Day Supply)

Product Description

Extracted from the scales of freshwater fish, The Bear Essential is a pure hydrolyzed fish collagen supplement with a molecular weight of 3,000 daltons (making for easier absorption).

It contains glycineprolinehydroxyprolinealanine, and arginine in higher-than-average doses so you can notice a visible difference in your health.

Here’s what happens when you take The Bear Essential daily:

  1.  Strengthens joint & muscles so you can be more active
  2. Hydrates skin to delay wrinkles & fine lines
  3. Reduces cellulite for a more even appearance
  4. Brightens your nail’s surface to get rid of discoloration
  5. Nourishes hair follicles for shiner, stronger strands

How to use the Bear Essential:

Mix 1 scoop into any drink, any time of the day.

How to use with other supplements:

●     When taken in conjunction with Vitamin C, hydrolyzed collagen can support the production of protein within the body – especially your skin, cartilage & organs.

●     When taken in conjunction with Vitamin D, Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc, it will aid in the maintenance and repair of your bones over time.

If you’re looking for a more scientific dosage for you as an individual, we recommend this formula based on your body weight:

0.8g per day per kg (your weight in kgs)

It is actually quite hard to give a general protein recommendation. Daily protein recommended will depend on the body-weight.
In order to calculate the recommended protein considering collagen multiply 0.8 by the weight in kg and then subtract 10g which equals the daily consumption of protein 0.8g/day/KG body weight.
Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person. Some may see results within a month of consuming collagen, others might need more time.

42 reviews for The Bear Essential

  1. evelyn_choo2002 (verified owner)

    I love this collagen very much!!! It makes my complexion improved and lesser breakout on my face. Besides, this collagen really easy to dissolve in any drinks and it doesn’t have any weird taste at all. ❤❤❤

  2. Cai Xuan

    Had been looking for collagen supplement that does not have fishy smell for soooo long and finally found this! I’m completely in love with this collagen that I can add it into any drink that I have without altering the taste, while getting my dose my collagen 😉

  3. Irena Chua

    My skin has started to look more radiant ever since I consumed this collagen. In fact, I’m looking more radiant from within! Thank you!

  4. Shamaila Zahid

    I battled with acne during my teenage years. Anyone who has suffered from acne knows how the skin loses elasticity and has scars. After regularly drinking Nutribear, my skin has feels so much tighter, pimple marks from the occasional breakout also heal very fast. I couldn’t be more happier!

  5. Jane Kor

    My bones joints actually feel better consuming it. I have pain on my elbow, I take this like a supplement so far the sharp pain has decreased. I will get one bottle for my mum to try.

  6. evonnelpq

    I like this collagen…❤❤❤

  7. Corinne Caravana

    I never tried any collagen in my whole life only one and it’s been more than 2 years ☝️ I look 10 years younger than my age and this is one of my secret. Boost energy and I like the taste. Price is reasonable as well. My smooth tan skin is the result of it glowing and vibrant. More youthful and healthy wiiinkkks****

  8. XY

    I mix the collagen to my protein drink every morning. I have been drinking it consistently since nutribear is launched. It dissolves easily without giving any odd taste or smell. I can definitely see a difference in my skin. My skin used to be really dry and now it seems softer, plumper and more moisturised. The best part is my complexion is glowing! A highly recommended product!

  9. Mike

    I suffered knee pain problem for several years cause I used to play badminton. My wife kind of nagged me to take this collagen and I am glad that she did. After taking for around 3 months the pain of my knee get lesser. I feel that it is very effective for my joints as it feels “looser”.

  10. Joanne

    It helps me improve my skin and not smelly. Will continue to purchase and consume.

  11. Rahmat SM Sheriff

    I have been taking this particular brand of collagen for a little more than 3 months now and unlike any other product that I have consumed before and for longer periods, already I have begun to notice marked changes in my skin complexion. My skin doesn’t anymore get flaky or dried up and is firmer and not so wrinkled. The collagen is pleasant to be consumed as it dissolves easily and does not have unpleasant smell or taste. I will surely continue to take this collagen product for good with high enthuasism and expectation to have more and sustained improvement in my skin, hair, and possibly other systems and general health.

  12. Kevin

    I’ve been looking into a good collagen supplement and thought I would give this a try since its more natural than other brands. This is definitely superior to other collagen powders I’ve tried, because it dissolves completely and has very little taste. I began taking this over 6 months ago to boost my protein intake, help with recovery workouts, and help control my appetite as I started eating healthier. Either way, if you’ve been on the fence about whether or not to try the product, I’d say, TRY IT!

  13. MC (verified owner)

    I had been mixing it with coffee every morning for the past 2 weeks and I noticed that my complexion became brighter & firmer after 3 days of taking it. It’s really value for money ^^

  14. Fathilah (verified owner)

    I am in love with this product. It made my skin less dry, after confinement my skin were very dry. Now its getting better. I don’t feel tired anymore. After work, i get home and still able to do house chores and play with my baby. It really boost up my energy.

    I love how nutribear fix me inside out. Thank you nutribear for an amazing product

  15. Lee yann (verified owner)

    First time tried fish collagen powder. A bit worry on the smell at first but it’s actually almost non strong at all, dissolved easily and mixed well with others drinks. Almost tasteless if drink directly. So far so good. I do like it mix and drink everyday as my breakfast. Meanwhile packaging is awesome with spoon provided.

  16. Abeygayle Lee (verified owner)

    Been consuming nutribear for 2 weeks. It improve my skin texture as my skin are more hydrate and pore are visibly shrink. Since my complexion are become more plumping and moisturised, it help me makeup stays long and go on smoother! Besides, I love the way of consuming it, as it can be added to any type of drink and soup, and doesn’t have strong taste or smell.

  17. Law (verified owner)

    I was the kind of girl who always believe in using cosmetics and skincare to help with my skin. But now, I belive in beauty from the inside out. Nutribear is the first collagen that I consume and I’m in love with the benefits that it brings, thank you Nutribear! ❤️

  18. Tengkubutang (verified owner)

    i love this suplemen which have a great taste.. ready to drink with any juice or drink

  19. Gaylen Kasai (verified owner)

    I’ve tried so many brands of collagen and this is definitely one of the few that I would repurchase because it doesn’t have a strong fishy smell. I’ve seen improvement where my nails seems to be stronger than before. Worth a try.

  20. lin liena

    korang kena cuba nutribear sebab ianya membantu menambah kolagen dalam badan..bila collagen kurang,rambut mudah gugur,kulit kusam,kuku rapuh dan sebagainya..saya dah cuba..memang terbaik dan berkesan..

  21. Syiera Mat Saman (verified owner)

    I’ve already consume this for almost a month. I am in love with this one. Since the secondary school, i’ve always got acne problem and sunburn. But now my skin is getting better and moist. Thanks for solving my problem. 5 stars!!

  22. Henry Tan (verified owner)

    My first try on collagen product, I’m still new using Nutribear so I can’t tell yet how effect it is. So far I mixed it into my Starbucks drink and it dissolved easily within second! And one thing for sure, there’s no taste or smell to it, like you would not even know if I have added into your drinks. 👍👍👍

  23. Kim Tan (verified owner)

    The texture similar to milk powder, smell 👌 , easily dissolve in water , I mix it in my rose tea, don’t have fishy scent at all =) love it

  24. elliecleffairy (verified owner)

    Okay, I have to admit that I have doubts when I first opened up this bottle of collagen powder. I was expecting some fishy smell or unpleasant taste, but this is not the case. The collagen is really easy to use and all I do every day is just add it into my fruit juice. It doesn’t have immediate effect, but after about two weeks of usage, I can see noticeable difference in my body; I feel much more energetic, my nail does not break easily and my skin hair becomes much more soft and smooth to the touch. It’s really amazing, and will definitely continue to use this. I highly recommend this as a supplement for those who are not only wanting to look beautiful, but also healthy from the inside. Great for those who leads a busy life.

  25. Lea Azleeya (verified owner)

    Yeah dah cuba Nutri Bear ni.. Sangat sangat sangat bagus sebabnye produk ni dpt menambah kolagen dalam badan.. Rasanya pun best dan mudah disediakan.. I luv it!!

  26. Julia binti Jamaludin (verified owner)

    Bila umur dah banyak ni macam-macam supplement kena consume. Salah satunya NutriBear ni. Mudah je nak bancuh. Tambah je 1 skop dalam air kegemaran korang. Siap. Macam-macam khasiat ada dalam ni. Kuatkan akar rambut, sihatkan folikel kuku dan macam-macam lagilah. Yang menariknya, sambil membeli sambil kita menyelamatkan beruang yang semakin pupus.

  27. cindyrina (verified owner)

    I have been taking this collagen for a few weeks now. The result amazes me. I am in mid-forties and obviously, the collagen level at this age really takes time to replenish. After taking this after 3 weeks, I notice my fine line has filled up and reduced. My joint paint has disappeared too. I experience many hairs falls previously but now it has reduced too. I would say this collagen is worth to try and it helps to improve health and well being. I took one and a half scoop in my favourite almond milk every morning

  28. INTAN NUR MAISARAH ALIAS (verified owner)

    The taste of Nutribear Bear Essential Collagen are great! Guess what, it didnt taste and smells like fish collagen at all. How surprising! I took Nutribears Collagen when I was 39 weeks pregnant and I told my Dr regarding this collagen. My Dr approved it and yes I took it as my daily faveret drinks. So far I can see my skin looks more glowy and I feel energetic every morning when Im awake. Thanks Nutribear!

  29. Aselawati

    I did not believe that the Nutri Bear supplement is really amazing for my skin. During this time my skin a lot of small seeds now began to shrink and slippery. Likewise with the pores on my face disappeared. I was very excited when my friend told me that my skin was shining and glowing. I’m so love it NutriBear… I strongly recommend NutriBEAR for you all.

  30. Iris Yeoh (verified owner)

    This Collagen is my daily essential to drink with my coffee. I always needed coffee to start my day and now I only need to add another scoop of nutribear Collagen then I’m good to go. I’ve only consume two weeks and I feel my skin complexion is better and of course I will continue to purchase nutribear Collagen

  31. Cheng Shao Zhong (verified owner)

    Been taking it for 2 months and so and i felt my skin’s turgor improving and has become more fine. Also felt more refresh each day i woke up. Easy to consume also with just a spoonful each day. Does not smell and does not stick to your mouth when consume directly.

  32. Kayathre (verified owner)

    I really like this Nutribear because it is very easy to consume and adds more collagen to my body. My skin looks glowing now. All I have to do is just mix it any of my drink and consume it.

  33. fuzy hamid (verified owner)

    Love the collagen so much, not only me also my husband who without fail will add a spoon to his daily drink. why we both loved nutribear essential? coz I can see the result, my skill glowing and healthier also I seems like no more ache on my muscles too.

    read here :

  34. Alice (verified owner)

    I am on this collagen for almost 3 years, and I never thought of stop taking it ever since. Not just the improvement of complexion, I no longer feel the pain in my knees after long sitting down that I used to have. I believe in the product, but the commitment and persistence count too. More than happy when my mom has been sticking to taking collagen as long as me!

  35. Yaz (verified owner)

    What a great product! No smell (and I have a sensitive nose), and tastes like nothing (and most collagens usually have a slight to strong taste). I have it in my morning tea or smoothie. Dissolves instantly, which leaves no residue on the bottom of the cup. Almost through my first container, will definitely ordering more. I finally found my favorite collagen 🙂

  36. Randy (verified owner)

    At first, I was skeptical whether it would work. After having it for a few days I realized my skin never felt better. It’s one of those superfood that you could be versatile with.

    For example l, when life is boring try adding it onto you daily meals. I’ve tried shakes, curries and even soups! By itself was a little plain but it is not a bad product at all! 5 stars!

  37. Teddy (verified owner)

    I mix this collagen to my Vitamin C drink together. My back acne reduced since I’m consuming the collagen. My face complexion also improve. Thanks Nutribear.

  38. Nurin Mustafa

    Last time, I have serious sunburn and scars problem. I have tried other types of collagen before but nutribear suits me well! My skin getting softer and more moisture! This is my first time consuming fish collagen and I thought it will be smelly but my thought is wrong, it is not smelly. I mix it with fruit juices and drink everyday before I go to sleep. Been consuming nutribear for 3 weeks, and I just fall in love with this. 5 Stars for this amazing collagen!

  39. MissJasJas (verified owner)

    I really love this Nutribear Collagen very much as I always order my fav drink from Tealive – Rose Puer Tea and I asked my friend to pour the collagen that I scoop full into a small container. I drink my fav drink everyday with this Nutribear Collagen. It is so yummy and I will repurchase it once it finishes 💙💙

  40. Kelly (verified owner)

    Been consuming nutribear for more than a month and it helps to strengthens my skin barriers, nails and hairs. Before i used to have very rough and dry skin especially on my elbow, knees, heels and sometimes my shins too. Now the condition is better and my nails are stronger, it won’t chipped off so easily. There is no strong fishy taste or smell plus its easy to prepare and consume.

  41. Lia Hasty (verified owner)

    I love the product packaging, simple & nice. I need to consume this product every day for good result. The reason why I choose Nutribear because it’s made in Malaysia and comply with HACCP, GMP, and Halal standards. A good amino acid profile. I will be recommending to all my friends.

  42. Shay porter

    This product is actually very well ingested, as well as being probably the BEST collagen Peptides powder I’ve ever used that has been so easy to dissolve into any liquid or food that I’ve mixed it in. It has no flavor, but it is very smooth and easy to swallow (even alone if you like). What a good quality find, thank you so much! I will support and purchase another canister once mine is finished

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