Fursonality Beary Healthy Recipes

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Fursonality Beary Healthy Recipes is a collection of unbearlievably healthy and adorable bear-themed recipes with easy-to-follow instructions designed to get even newbie chefs started on their cooking journey. Our e-cookbook also comes with a fun fursonality quiz to determine the ideal recipe-of-the-day for you based on your bear type, allowing you to take the thinking out of knowing what to eat!

Product Description

What you’ll get in this e-cookbook: 

♥ Entertaining fursonality quiz to help you decide what to eat 

♥ A full breakdown of nutritional content for each recipe to help you keep an eye on your macronutrients

♥ Engaging instructions to help you rebearlance your life and find inner peace

♥ Tried-and-tested recipes to make sure that you consistently achieve flavourful results every time

♥ Beartiful food photography in vibrant color and a deep focus in display and plating

♥ Creative and adorable food presentation to encourage even the fussiest young eaters to eat healthy  

Product Description

No matter what challenges your day brings, it’s always easier to face the world when your spirits are high. The easiest way to raise your spirits is through good food, for certain foods can help keep bad moods at bay. That’s because dietary changes bring about changes in our brain structure, chemistry, and physiology, which lead to pawsitive changes in our bearhavior!

From Nutribear comes Fursonality Beary Healthy Recipes, an e-cookbook chock-full of healthy yet delicious recipes brimming with feel-good factors. Here are 7 ways of how our recipes can put you in a good mood:


  1. Shorter Time

All our recipes call for minimal cooking and preparation time, leaving more time for the activities and people you love.


  1. Faster Decisions

Every day, we are forced to make decisions, and among the hardest of them is deciding what to eat. Let us help you tackle this situation with a stimulating fursonality quiz! 


  1. Eat Fresher and Healthier Food

Small changes make a big difference. Our recipes use healthy ingredient substitutes to help you achieve a more stable blood sugar level and lose weight successfully. 


  1. More Pleasure and Enjoyment

Let your fur down, cubs! Learn how to relax and unwind with our fun cooking instructions and aesthetically pleasing dishes. 


  1. Save Money

Never know what to do with all the ingredients lying in your kitchen? Fear not, for our recipes will help you make full use of the ingredients, helping you save money along the way!


  1. Less Stress

Long ingredient lists and complicated methods can lead to much stress and kitchen confusion. Let our minimalist home cooking help you keep things as simple and stress-free as possible!


  1. More Kitchen Confidence

If you’re new to cooking, starting with our minimalist recipes will help you get some great, simple dishes under your belt, giving you the confidence to tackle anything.

Let our rhapsody of creativity, flexibility, and confidence show you how to create a delightful and refreshing dose of palate sensations today!


  1. Quality Family Bonding

Suitable for cubs of all ages, our child-friendly recipes present a unique opportunity for quality family bonding. It is also a fun way to include more healthy ingredients in your kids’ diet!