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7-Day Sugar Detox Programme

7-Day Sugar Detox Programme

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Our easy 7-Day Sugar Detox Programme is created to help you switch out of yo-yo diets, stress-induced eating and sugar binges for a healthier lifestyle
  • No need for calorie counting or deprivation
  • Enjoy fresh whole foods that boost metabolism
  • Cut out sugar, control cravings, and feel great
  • Tasty and easy recipes for 3 meals and 1 snack daily
  • Enjoy increased energy, glowing skin, and improved
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    Get access to an exclusive quiz, shopping list and other resources to stay on track


    Enjoy quick and easy sugar-free recipes so you don't miss out on your favourites


    Stay on track through accountability exercises in our Facebook group


What is the format of this programme?

To make it easy for anyone to join, the 7-Day Sugar Detox is an online programme where you will receive the resources and support you need to eliminate sugar from your diet.

Are there any side effects from quitting sugar?

Sugar can be very addictive, depending on how much you consume a day, you might notice some withdrawal symptoms. However, our guides can help you beat the blues by incorporating healthier alternatives.

Do you offer any guarantee?

Everyone's journey is different, so we cannot offer any guarantees.
However, we can assure you that if you follow the programme, you will see good results.

Do you offer refunds?

Since this is a digital product which you will get full, instant access to, we do not offer any refunds.