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Just to let you know that I am also human. I don’t make beautiful colourful Instagram-worthy smoothies everyday. It is ok to have a not-very-pretty smoothie, as long as it is healthy!

✔️ 1 cup soy milk

✔️ 3 medium carrots

✔️ 0.5 banana

✔️ 3 nuts

✔️ 0.2 teaspoon sesame seeds

✔️ 0.2 teaspoon cinnamon

✔️ 0.1 teaspoon vanilla extract
How to prepare:
1. Wash, peel and shred the carrots.
2. Cut the half banana into small pieces.
3. Crush the nuts.
4. Pour a cup of soy milk, the grated carrots
and banana into the blender. Grind well. (add more soy milk in case the mixture is too thick)
5. Add the crushed nuts, cinnamon, collagen and
vanilla extract and continue beating.
6. Pour the content in a glass and add some roasted sesame seeds on the surface.
Enjoy your complete essential amino acids drink!

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