Paws the clock!

Collagen supplements that battle signs of aging so you look younger & feel stronger ❤️ 

Oh hi there!

We are so glad you found us (and you will be too!)
That’s because at NutriBear, we make one thing really well: 
Simple, uncomplicated collagen that’s super easy to add to your lifestyle no matter how busy you are!
But, what’s collagen anyway? 
Well, the answer has been inside you all along, literallyCollagen is a form of protein that’s found in our bodies. From our bones to our eyes as well as from our blood vessels to our skin, it’s everywhere!

And why should you care?

As the bear-er of bad news, we hate to break this to you – Natural collagen production slows down with age. 
That’s when skin begins to sag, hair loses shine &  joints ache.
But before you freak out, we got good news!
Our range of supplements have an un-bear-lievable impact on stopping the clock. They help you maintain a youthful glow, luscious hair, and strong joints for years to come!

So yes, an anti-aging potion does exist & we are the proud makers!

In our part of the woods:


Health Meets Science

We teamed up with biotech scientists to formulate a product worth talking about!

It’s no wonder nutritionists don’t hesitate to recommend us.

Simple Stuff. No Fluff

Fads keep popping up in the world of supplements but we prefer to embrace the minimal.

Our focus is on the bare necessities which means no filler ingredients.

Look Good, Feel Better

Collagen’s your partner-in-crime that supports your body’s natural healing abilities. 

This way you maintain a youthful vitality for years to come.

Our Mission

We’re here to demystify collagen and share this miracle product with the world.

Join us to give mother nature a run for her money, using her own tools to battle signs of ageing!

Bear hugs from our customers:

Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person. Some may see results within a month of consuming collagen, others might need more time.

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