In 2018, we envisioned a world where ageing is a natural process embraced with open arms. Since then, we have worked beary hard to build a brand that focuses on premium formulas to unlock youthfulness and vitality.

Our Founder

Dr. Joo Chin, coming from a family of doctors, and with her own background in veterinary medicine, recognized the importance of collagen, often referred to as the 'fountain of youth.'

Her dedication to holistic health shines through every aspect of her brand, from ingredient selection to the creation of a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

She created Nutribear to replenish what time takes away, whether it's through supplements or skincare.

Our Products

Most anti-ageing products on the market contain cheap, filler ingredients that do nothing. We have flipped the script to create premium, effective solutions that our customers rave about.

That's because our commitment to science is unwavering. We formulate products that aren't gimmicky or filled with cheap ingredients.

Instead, we stick to the right amount required for bearst results, whether its our supplements or skincare.

Our Founder's Anti-Ageing Results