How long does delivery take?

We only ship to Malaysia and Singpore right now and estimated shipping time is 5-10 days depending on your location.

How much does delivery cost?

Local prices (within Malaysia)

RM 7-10

Singapore pricing is subject to weight and will be visible during checkout.

If you need any help or have any questions regarding shipping, please get in touch and we’d be happy to help!

Are your products available in store?

We are working with suppliers all to bring you a local, in-store experience.

However, for now, you can find all of Nutribear right here on our website and Shopee! 

What is Collagen?

Collagen is you, inside and out. No, but seriously. Your skin, organs, blood vessels, and joints are all made up of this magical substance (we’re talking 65% of your body’s total protein here!).

To get all sciency on you, Collagen itself is a polypeptide molecule. Like all proteins, it is made up of a chain of amino acids – like glycine, proline, arginine, and hydroxyproline.

Sadly, our body stops naturally producing Collagen as we age, and aging is in fact when we need it most! Collagen supplements will keep your skin young, your body strong, and your hair glistening like a dreamy shampoo commercial!

My body has its own supply of collagen, why do I need to take collagen supplements?

My body has its own supply of collagen, why do I need to take collagen supplements?

What is Granulated Hydrolyzed Collagen?

Granulation is an extra process applied to collagen powders to make it easier to dissolve and absorb. Our granulated hydrolyzed collagen has smaller molecular weights than the usual hydrolyzed powder form which means they are absorbed better by the body.

Is Nutribear Collagen suitable for everyone?

Sure is - that why we call it one of the bear/bare necessities in your health routine!

Can I take Vitamin C supplements with Nutribear Collagen?

Vitamin C is another bear necessity that helps the synthesis of collagen in the body. It is involved in every step of collagen production, and works as a catalyst in a reaction known as hydroxylation. Hydroxylation gives the stability and tensile strength, and the antioxidant properties of Vitamin C makes it play a role in preventing oxidative damage of the skin (otherwise known as aging!)

How many times can I take Nutribear Collagen?

Take 1 teaspoon (5 – 10 g) of Collagen either orally or mix with any drink or food once per day (morning or night).

Each bottle of 30 days supply comes with a scoop inside.

When will I start to see results?

According to clinical tests, the effects if collagen become visible after 3 to 4 weeks of consecutive use.

Most people reported significant improvement to their skin, hair, nails, and joints after consuming Nutribear Collagen for 90 days.

With results like that, it’s im-paw-ssible to resist!

How many Calories are there per serving?

One teaspoon of our product (5 grams) contains approximately 20 Calories.

What are the active ingredients used in your products?

We use only natural active ingredients with small molecular weight so that it is easily absorbed by your body.

Your entire body including joints and skin will receive essential nutrients, optimal nourishment and regeneration that it needs to stay looking youthful, healthy and radiant.

Are Nutribear Collagen products gluten free?

Yes! And we’re not just gluten free. Here are a few more things that are a big no-no in our products:

○     GMO

○     Heavy metals

○     Preservatives

Is Nutribear Collagen tested on animals?

No, we couldn’t bear the thought of harming animals for the sake of beauty. All our products products are cruelty free. Nutribear is clinically tested, as well as consumer-tested on real live people, getting real live results!

Is Nutribear Collagen tested for quality?

Yes, we are certified by the Ministry of Health Malaysia (KKM) for safety and quality.

Where are the products made?

Our collagen products are formulated by a Japanese company and repacked/ manufactured in Malaysia under stringent conditions, with a few of our raw materials imported from Europe.

Does Nutribear Collagen have an expiration date?

The shelf life of collagen products are normally 5 years. You can locate the expiry date on the product label.

How should I store my Nutribear Collagen products?

It is recommended that you store them in a cool dry place, away from moisture. Avoid direct light or heat.

Can you have an allergic reaction to collagen?

Our product may give you allergic reactions of you already have an allergy to fish products.

If you notice any allergic reactions after taking Nutribear such as a skin rash or facial swelling, you are advised to see a doctor immediately.

I am pregnant or breastfeeding. Can I take your product?

Even though Collagen is completely safe, we would still advise pregnant or lactating women to take this after the birth of the baby or after consulting a doctor.

Having said that, hydrolyzed collagen will help to repair the pelvic muscles and help you regain your figure post-pregnancy.

It can also help to fix any skin or hair problems as a result of hormonal spikes due to pregnancy. So it may just be the perfect fit for you and your cub after all!

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